Friday, June 15, 2012

My New Pond

For the history of my pond you can scroll down and read the last two posts.  My pond cracked about 3 years ago and we had to shut it down.  Well this year we rebuilt the pond but we couldn't get one as large as the other so my darling hubby planned a new design and I love it too.  Here's the waterfall.  The tub we had at the top of the pond was too big for this pond so Chester put a liner in the foundation and made it come down around the gravel.  Beautiful!!

This is the first statue I got.  I convinced my Mom I really needed these angels so I could listen to her beautiful music while I relaxed at my pond!!.LOL

This is the second statue I got.  I convinced my Mom that I needed this little girl so I would have someone to tell my secrets to and she would never tell anyone else.(insane huh?) LOL

I bought this statue because I thought he was just too cute!!  After all, every pond needs a fisherman!  I accused my brother, Mike, of teaching him how to fish because his line stays tangled up in the brush.LOL

And here are the two bird baths that the birds play in.  Chester bought me the mushroom for Mother's Day and Buster bought me the other one several years ago because I had to have it!  Have you figured out I'm a little spoiled?LOL

And here is a plaque that I bought at Hobby Lobby because I thought it was just perfect to put in the pond area.  At night you can hear crickets and frogs filling the air with music for everyone to enjoy.

To read the first story about my pond just scroll down and read the post below this.  You will get a good laugh.  There are more to come.  Until next time...


Janet said...

Oh your blog is so cute. I love your pond and the statues, especially your little fisherman. :)

I scrolled down and looked at the other pics..can't wait to check out your other posts.

Take care, Janet W

yorkie's primitives said...

Thanks Janet. I will be listing a new story on Monday, Valerie