Saturday, June 21, 2008

Brittany's disbelief

When I first got my pond, Brittany (my niece), helped me put up my first bird feeder. She was about 13 then. Then my Mom, Britt and I were going to town. When we walked out the door, one bird was sitting on top of the feeder singing way loud. I looked at Britt and said "Look Bree, he's inviting his friends for breakfast". Well since they think I live in my own little world of insanity, she just said "Right Gram" and then turned around and there were about 15 birds on the feeder. Well, Britt looked at my Mom and said "Meme, I need to go home, because they are doing what she said". Then we drove up the hill and a squirrel was going to the road. I stopped the car, rolled down my window, clapped my hands and yelled at the squirrel and said "Hey, you get back down there before you get run over". Britt said, "Oh my gosh Meme, she's telling the squirrels what to do now." And right then the squirrel stopped, looked at me and made a sassy sound. Then Britt said, "Oh my Gawd, Meme it's answering her". So then I clapped my hands and said,"Don't you sass me or I'll bust your butt. Now get back to the house". The squirrel stopped, turned his head and then turned around and went back to the house. Britt screamed, "Meme, it's doing what she said, I want to go home before I am as crazy as her." Well I laughed so hard, I cried and my Mom just said, " Valerie you shouldn't do this to these kids", but she was laughing too. Hope you enjoy my pond tales because I have plenty more that I will be adding. God bless you.


Sage said...

Yorkie..that is just TOO TOO FUNNY!!! I love it and can't wait for more pond tales!! Keep it up girl!

Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Way to teach them Val! One of these days they'll be doin' the same thing. I love talkin' to the animals:)