Saturday, June 21, 2008

Enjoy my pond

While growing up, I had a favorite creek on my Grandpa's farm that I visited when troubled arout something. I loved sitting there watching the water trickle down and around the rocks, with minnows playing it it. And after a while, all my worries seemed to disappear and the world seemed a better place. After my Papa died, I told my husband that I missed my creek. Then one day about 12 years ago, out of the blue, my husband and niece built me a pond with a waterfall that reminded me of my creek. I was thrilled.
Since I lived next door to my Mom, the pond became our hangout. We sat there for hours every day listening to the birds singing, watching the squirrels cause havoc and listening to the water trickle down and around the rocks with our fish playing in the clear water. This was our heaven on earth where everything was peaceful and serene. And when my kids had worries, I would convince them to go to the pond so they could forget their problems and even though they didn't always believe me, they admitted that they did always feel better after a trip to the pond with me.
My Mom died four years ago and I miss her every day, but I especially miss our time at the pond. It just doesn't seem the same without her with me. But I can still go there when troubled or stressed and come away feeling better.
So when the world has stressed you out, feel free to visit my pond and see if it helps you come away feeling relaxed and refreshed

This is where I go to unwind, think and relax. Hope you enjoy your visit here too.

This is the waterfall that I love to here trickling down. It is such a peaceful sound
Chester saved me this rock when he built the pond so that I could let my kids write their names on it. So we painted flowers on it and each child signed it in their on special way. As you can tell, I love my kids.

This little angel knows this friend will never tell her secrets.

Here are my three frogs to remind everyone that at Gram's pond you see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil because this is a place where everyone enjoys God's beauty.
Three of my grandkids and my niece bought me azalea bushes for Mother's Day so I planted a small flower garden around my pond and added a bird bath and some statutes. I just love the lazy look this flower bed has.
Here is my bird haven. I have attracted cardinals, bluejays, woodpeckers, chickadees, finch, mockingbirds and some that I don't know what they are. Oh and don't let me forget the crows and squirrels. The music never stops at my pond. The birds are singing from daylight until dark and it is so beautiful


Sage said...

YOU GO GIRL!! Love the pond lady! I want one so bad!

Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Ahh, so enchanting and relaxing.