Friday, June 29, 2012

Birdfeeder War

When I first got my pond I wanted bird feeders to attract birds to listen to while relaxing at the pond.  So I told my Mom I wanted a bird feeder.  Well she agreed to get me one so we went to WalMaart and bought one.  Well after seeing all the pretty birds that came to my yard she decided she wanted one too for her yard so we went back and she bought one.  Well as soon as I hung her feeder, she got the song birds and I got the crows! AARRGGGGG!!!
Then I went online and found out if I got thistle seed I would attract Finches.  So I asked my Mom to buy me a Thistle Seed Sock.  She said NO I didn't need two bird feeders.  No matter how hard I tried she wouldn't get it.  So when I got paid, I bought me a thistle seed sock.  Well  about an hour after hanging it, she called me and wanted me to look out my front door and tell her what the beautiful yellow birds were in HER tree!AARRGGGG!!  So then she decided she wanted a thistle seed sock and wanted me to take her to buy one.  Well I told her No she didn't need more than one bird feeder but she won and I took her to Wal Mart so she could buy her one.  So once again she stole my birds and I had to hang it for her to boot!!
And if this wasn't enough, I wanted a hummingbird feeder.  Once again she said No so I waited until I got paid and bought one.  Well as soon as she saw the hummingbirds fighting over the feeder she had to have a hummingbird feeder as well.  So I took her to Wal Mart and she bought one, I hung it, and she got my hummingbirds and I got the ants and bees!DOUBLE AARRGGGG!!!!!  
So this became the family joke.  I got the ideas on how to attract different birds, hung the feeders and she got all the birds and I got the crows, bees and ants.  And every day she would laugh at me because they liked her yard best.  I told her it wasn't fair that I did all the work and she stole all my birds and left me with the crows, bees and ants and she just laughed at me.  These are some of the precious moments I spent with my Mom that I will never forget!  Until next time...

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